Project Cartref

Fixing leaks free of charge in your home.

Welsh Water is working with individual properties and customers in targeted areas to offer support and education on water efficiency and leakage, to ensure a constant supply of safe drinking water is available to all our customers.

Leaks can take many forms, and in a lot of cases customers may not even be aware of them. Large volumes of water are wasted through things like leaking/dripping taps or fixtures within your toilet not working as they should. As part of our service to you as a customer, we want to arrange a visit to come and identify what may be causing the leak that has been identified, and where we can fix them, we will do so on the spot.

A number of common leaks can be fixed completely free of charge. We’ll explain the types of repair we can do when we meet.

While we are with you our engineer will also offer to install water efficiency devices free of charge and carry out Basic Water Regulations.