Free water efficiency home visits

We know that now more than ever, every penny counts, and here at Welsh Water we want to help. We’ve launched the Water Efficiency Home Visit project to help you save water and save money.

Alternatively, if you’d prefer to speak to one of our friendly colleagues, call Groundwork Wales direct on 01495 222605 to arrange an appointment, or email

If you don’t want to receive a visit but are interested in our free water savings devices, then head over to our Get Water Fit page where you can find our top water saving tips and an option to order free products to your home.

What is a water efficiency home visit?

One of our team will come to your home and check all taps, toilets, and showers to see if they can fit suitable free water efficiency products, these include:

  • Showerhead
  • Shower flow restrictor
  • Shower timer
  • Tap aerator
  • Save a flush bag
  • Hosepipe gun

Our colleague will also share advice on how to save water and energy. If you are a metered customer, they can also help to show you how to check for leaks, and how to find and read your water meter. If they find a leak during the visit, don’t worry, they’ll let our Cartref plumbers know who may be able to come out and fix it for free. For more information about our Cartref scheme click here.

How much could I be saving?

Did you know that on average, customers save 63 litres per day from these visits? This is equivalent to £75 on your annual bill for metered customers.

Depending on your current water fittings, if you have a water efficiency showerhead fitted you could save over 55 litres per day, a tap aerator could save you 18 litres a day, and a save a flush toilet cistern bag 9.6 litres a day.

Not on a water meter?

We can help you save on energy too. Cutting down on your shower time not only saves water but can make a great saving on your energy bill - and for those customers with electric showers, potentially over £100 a year!

Who are Groundwork Wales?

To find out more about socio-environmental charity Groundwork Wales click here.

How do I know if it’s Welsh Water contacting me?

We hate bogus callers, so we’re doing all we can to keep you and your home safe. If you are unsure whether it is Welsh Water calling contact our Bogus Caller Helpline on 0800 281 141.

When a Welsh Water inspector comes to your home to carry out a water efficiency home audit they will always have an ID card with them. If you are ever unsure then follow the 3C’s rule CARD, CHECK and CALL.

To make you feel safer, we can arrange to use a password when we visit you. Simply choose a password that’s easy for you to remember and register it by ringing us on 0800 052 0145. Whenever we visit, we’ll use this password.