About your water meter

All the information you need if you have a water meter installed at your property.

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meter charges

How we calculate your bill, which you will receive every 6 months. Here, we break down the bill so you know what you're being charged for, and what you need to do.

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What you need to know

How to read your water meter

Regularly reading your meter lets you keep an eye on how much water you're using and helps us to provide accurate bills, just please make sure it's safe for you to read before you do.

Here are some tips on how to read the meter:

  • Look at the meter location and serial number on your water bill
  • Lift the metal lid on the water meter chamber
  • If there is a polystyrene frost cover, remove this
  • Some of our meters have a lid; if there is one, open it so you can see the meter face
  • Check the serial number on your bill matches the number found on top of the meter
  • Write down the white on black or black on white digits (we don't need the red numbers)
  • Let us know your reading online using our secure submit a meter reading form.

Where is the meter located?

You will normally find the meter in the ground at the front of the property, at the property boundary or in the pavement. In rural areas, the meter may be some distance from the property. If you're not sure where the meter is, your bill gives a brief description of the meter location.

How do you clear condensation on the meter?

Sometimes, if it's been raining our meters get condensation on the glass and the digits aren't visible. Here's how you can clear the condensation so you can take your reading.

If the meter has a magnet:

  • Place a metal object over the magnet
  • Use the metal object to move the magnet back and forth over the digits
  • When you can see the digits fully, move the magnet out of the way and read the meter.

If the meter has a clear plastic wiper blade:

  • Move the wiper blade back and forth over the digits
  • When you can see the digits fully, move the wiper blade above the digits so you can read the meter.

When we'll read your meter

We try to read the meter every six months but we know some customers with meters inside their house don't want to be disturbed. In these cases, we'll accept customer reads but once every two years we'll need to take our own reading.