Switching to a water meter

Do you live alone, not use much water, or are you looking to reduce your bill? You might save money by having a water meter installed.

Why switch to a water meter?

  • You could save money (the less water you use, the lower your bill will be!)
  • We’ll install it free of charge
  • It helps reduce your carbon footprint (households with meters tend to use less water)
  • You can switch back to your unmeasured charge at any time up to 2 years from the date the meter was installed*.

*This option is only available to customers who have switched from unmeasured to a metered supply. If you move into a property which already has a meter, this option is not available.

The meter estimation calculator

Do you live alone, not use much water, or are you looking to reduce your bill? You might save money by having a water meter installed.

Just answer a few questions and see what your bill could be if you were on a meter!

How many people live at your property?

This includes both adults and children.

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How do you use your water?

Do you use a power shower, washing machine or dish washer, garden sprinkler, or hosepipe?

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Your monthly estimate

Based on the information you’ve provided, we would expect your bill to be around £{MonthlyCharge} per month if you switched to a meter.

This is just an estimate, your bill may be higher or lower than this depending on how much water you use. You would be billed based on the amount of water you use every 6 months.

If you’re interested, read on below for more information.

Your bill could be around:


per month

or £{AnnualCharge} per year.

Steps for applying for a meter

Step 1: Apply for a meter

Submit a meter application online (you'll need your customer reference number to hand, which you can find in the top right corner of your bill, on your My Account dashboard if you login, or on your payment reference if you pay by direct debit).

Step 2: We'll be in touch

We will contact you to arrange an appointment to visit your property. We’ll aim to install a meter within 3 months of receiving your application (where practical to do so).

Step 3: We will visit your property

We will visit to check if a meter can be fitted. If we can fit the meter the first day we visit, we’ll do so.

What happens if we can't fit a meter?
If we can’t fit a meter the first day we visit we’ll let you know why we need to call again. If we can’t fit a meter but you may be able to do some work to allow us to fit a meter (e.g. install an internal stop tap, expose some pipe work) , we’ll ask you to do the work and call again to fit the meter once done. If we can’t fit a meter at all, and no work will make it possible to do so, we’ll tell you why and we may place you on our Assessed Measured Charge.

Step 4: We will update your account

Within a month of the meter being installed, we’ll update your water account and we’ll send you details all about it and if we’ve revised any payment plan or if there’s a refund coming to you.

How we bill you if you have a meter

Measured charges are based on a fixed service charge plus how much water you use. We will work out how much water you have used based on your meter readings and charge per cubic meter of water used. If you decide to switch to a water meter, we'll send you a bill every six months.

Find out more about measured charges here.

Changing your mind

If you have a meter installed, you have two years in which you can request to have the meter removed. Your charges will then revert back to being unmeasured charges. If your property already had a water meter installed before it was purchased or rented then the water meter cannot be removed.