Rising Energy Prices

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Updated: 08:00 15 November 2021

We're aware that many of our customers may be impacted financially by the increasing cost of energy bills

If you are affected by this and struggling to pay your water bill, more information can be found online here.

Ways to pay my bill

To make things easier, we've listed the different ways you can pay your bill. Take a look and see what's best for you.

Direct Debit

By paying by direct debit you have the option of spreading your bill over instalments and making payments that are more flexible for you and at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of setting up a Direct Debit payment plan?

  • You can spread your bill over instalments (at no extra cost)
  • A payment plan may make it easier for you to budget your finances
  • You have the flexibility to chose how often you pay

When we calculate your instalment amount, we will make sure your payments cover your current charges plus any arrears (if applicable). We will let you know how much this will be once we have set up your plan. If you find the payments are not affordable, please let us know and we will discuss alternative payment options with you.

Online or by phone using a Debit / Credit Card

Use our online payment service or automated payment line on 0800 028 5209 to pay your bill in full or an installment you have agreed with us. It's safe, secure, quick and easy. You can pay when it's convenient for you.

Internet / Phone Banking / By BACS

Use your internet or phone banking to pay your bill in full or an instalment you have agreed with us.

If you're paying from a UK bank account you'll need:*

  • Sort code: - 522107
  • Account number: - 01500007

If you're paying from an account abroad, you'll need:*

  • IBAN number: - GB51 NWBK 5221 0701 5000 07
  • BIC number: - NWBK GB 2L

*When you make your payment, please give us your 10 or 12 digit customer reference shown on any bill or letter we have sent you. This is how we send your payment to the correct water account.

Payment Card

If a Direct Debit is not for you, but you want to spread your bill over instalments, you can setup a payment card.

Take your payment card and your payment to your local Post Office, or any shop, petrol station etc. where the PayPoint sign is displayed. There's no extra charge to pay by payment card! Find your nearest PayPoint outlet or Post Office and apply for a payment card here.

At any Bank or Post Office

Pay free of charge at any bank or Post Office. Please complete the Giro payment slip on your bill and take it along with you. Check your local post office branch opening hours.

Please note that you are not able to pay via a cheque at a Post Office.

Payment Booklets

We are no longer offering payment booklets as a payment option. The main reasons for this are that:

  • Booklets are not environmentally friendly to produce.
  • Booklets are getting more difficult to produce, many print providers no longer produce booklets making it harder to find and maintain systems that produce them.
  • We have so few customers paying by this method that it is no longer economically viable to continue offering it.