Moving home

Moving home can be stressful but letting us know is easy. Whether you're moving in to our region for the first time, moving to another property within our region or moving out of our region completely there are a number of ways you can tell us.

When to let us know you've moved

If either your current or new properties have a water meter:

  • Let us know on or after the day you move.
  • Remember to take a final or opening reading on the day you move. We can then bill you for what you have used whilst you were responsible.
  • If you are unable to take a reading yourself, please let us know 10 working days before you move. We can then arrange for a meter reader to visit on the day you move, to take a reading on your behalf.

If either your current or new properties do not have a water meter:

  • You can let us know up to 14 days before you move home, if you live chat or call us.
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moving home

If you're moving into your new accommodation the above guidelines and form are also applicable to you. If you would like to find out more then we have put together some helpful FAQs.
Student advice