Is your toilet leaking?

Can you see the water running constantly in the toilet? This can be a small trickle or a stream. You may have a leak.

Send us an enquiry

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Use the link here or scan the QR code and upload a short video of the problem, and answer a couple of questions. One of our team will take a look at the video and give you a call back within five working days to let you know if we can assist – free of charge, of course! You can also download the QR code here.

Struggling with the video, no problem, use this link to fill out our online submission form.

For more details see the document below.

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Help us spread the message

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A leaky loo can flush hundreds of pounds down the drain each year. We want to help as many people as we can, and we need your help. Please share the message to anyone who you think would benefit from this service.

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