Warm Weather Update

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Updated: 10:00 23 July 2021

During this extremely warm weather, we are seeing much higher levels of water used across our area than usual.

Our teams are out working around the clock to keep water flowing to your taps but we are asking you to help us reduce demand on the network by using all the water that you need but please don’t waste it. There are simple things you can do to help such as don’t leave the tap running when cleaning teeth, take a shorter shower, don’t re-fill paddling pools and avoid using sprinklers for the garden and instead reuse water where you can.

Our teams are also out and about working around the clock fixing leaks on the network. You can also help us with this by reporting any leaks as soon as you notice them either through our website or by calling our leak line on 0800 052 0130.

Thanks for your help!

For more information, visit our Save Water page here.

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Water is precious,

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Water. It belongs to all of us. And we can all do our bit to look after it. Because little changes today will make a big difference for tomorrow.

So let's use a bit less. And save a bit more.

Reducing the amount of water you use can help lower your bills, help us look after our environment and ensure there's enough water for everyone.

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Change of Registered Address

Glas Cymru

Glas Cymru, the not-for-profit company which owns Welsh Water, announces that with immediate effect the registered office of the company and all subsidiaries in the Group has changed 

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