Cost of
living support

As the cost of living crisis continues, we have a number of ways we may be able to help you and make your bills more affordable.

Our cost of living support is designed to support our customers and bring awareness to the range of available options which would benefit households and reduce water usage.

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Community Team

events calendar

Our Community Team actively promotes the support offered and regularly attend affordability events held in communities across our service region.

See below for a full list of events.

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Get impartial advice

The Consumer Council for Water

The Consumer Council for Water provide impartial advice and guidance relating to any kind of household water supply or sewerage issue.

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Cost of living support

Top tips for saving water

Did you know? The average person uses 176 litres of water a day, that’s almost 310 pints!

We use lots of water in our homes, but there are really easy ways that you can save water in your home and garden to save money and energy.

Save Water

Cymuned Support Fund

The scheme offers short term support to working households who find themselves in a situation where their bills exceed their income.

Cymuned is a financial support offering from Welsh Water which aims to help working households who are struggling to afford the essentials, like their water bill.

Read more about the Cymuned Fund here