Our new Vulnerability Strategy to 2030

We are proud to present our new vulnerability strategy ‘Supporting Our Customers’.

It has been developed through consultation and discussion with customers, the organisations that represent them, our teams that are working with customers every day, our Independent Challenge Group, and the Consumer Council for Water.

We provide an essential public service used by over 3 million people, who rely on us to provide clean, safe drinking water and to take away their wastewater safely. Unfortunately, some of our customers will find it difficult to access these services and, in these situations, it is vital that we are able to respond quickly with the extra help they need.

These discussions have shown that our current approach to providing extra help has worked well, and that we should maintain our focus on data, making our services as accessible as possible, developing our partnerships and training our people to recognise and respond to the individual needs of our customers.

As the last few years have shown, we need to respond quickly to a rapidly changing world. This experience will serve us well in delivering this next phase of our strategy for supporting customers who need extra help.