Dealing with water leaks

All the information you need for finding and managing a leak.

Why pipes leak?

Our water pipes can leak for a number of reasons:

  • Ground movement caused by changing temperatures can cause pipes to break and leak
  • Uncontrolled or unauthorised use of water from our pipes, for example an illegal standpipe, can result in excessive pressure surges which create additional stress on the pipework resulting in bursts.

If your pipe has burst, don’t panic.

  • Try to find where the burst is - and turn off the supply by turning the stop tap clockwise.
  • Open all taps to reduce flooding.
  • Soak up or block off escaping water with thick towels
  • Turn off your electrics: if the water is near anything electrical - including lights, sockets or appliances - don’t touch them. Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous and you’ll probably need to call a professional to repair damage.
  • Call a registered plumber - if you need help to repair a burst pipe, contact a Watersafe-assured plumber.

  • Who’s responsible for fixing the problem?

    We own the pipes that run up to the street boundary and we will always repair them as quickly as possible.

    Between the street boundary and your internal stop tap is the private supply pipe. Although the pipe belongs to the property owner we will offer a free repair where possible.

    All internal pipework and fittings inside the property are the owner’s responsibility to repair.

    If you notice a leak or think you have one near your property, please contact us on 0800 052 0130 (24 hours a day, 7 days a week). A list of Watersafe-assured plumbers can be found here.


Do you share your private supply pipe with your neighbours?

Sometimes a private water supply pipe can provide water to several properties, if we find your water pipe is shared we’ll discuss all options on how to repair it with you when we visit. You may be interested in having your own separate water pipe installed, which we would always recommend.

A private supply pipe can be quite long and cross someone else’s property boundary. If your supply pipe runs across your neighbours' boundaries then you are also responsible for this part of the pipe.

Do you have a water leak?

If you think you have a water leak at your property we’re here to help you get it fixed as quickly as possible. We understand that having a leak can be worrying: it’s a hassle (and a potential cost) that you could do without. We want to make life easier by providing all of the advice you need.

Water is a valuable resource and costs a lot of money to take from rivers, store in reservoirs, treat and deliver to you. So we’re really keen to work with you so that leaks are fixed as soon as possible.

Problem on our network?

If you have checked the pipes on your property and they are not burst or frozen, and you still have no water supply, let us know so we can fix it.