High court enforcement

High Court enforcement is a method of recovering a judgment debt. We’ll apply to transfer the judgment from the County Court to the High Court. The High Court will then provide us with a ‘Writ of Control’. This is a warrant which is then sent to High Court Enforcement Officers who will visit your home and take goods to the value of the warrant.

Can I repay the debt at this point?

Any offers of payment, either by instalments or lump-sum settlement, must be made directly to the officers who will seek instructions from us. You should note that the debt will increase once the officers have been instructed as additional High Court fees incurred will be added.

We cannot discuss repayment with you directly once the High Court Enforcement Officers have been instructed.

What is an attachment of earnings?

An attachment of earnings is an order from the Court. It requires your employer to pay a portion of your wages to us each month. The Court may make a ‘suspended order’, which gives you the opportunity to pay without involving your employer, or a ‘full order’, which then involves your employer.

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