Cold Weather – A Message to Our Customers

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Updated: 15:00 01 December 2023

We’re experiencing freezing temperatures across many of our communities. This means that there’s a greater risk of water pipes freezing and bursting

We’ll still be working around the clock to keep things flowing smoothly but we also need your help.

We advise all our customers to protect your own water pipes by making sure outdoor taps and pipes are covered and check where your stop tap is just in case you encounter any problems. If you spot any leaks on our network, call us on 0800 052 0130or report online - so that we can get a team out to fix them quickly. 

For hints and tips on how you can prepare your homes for freezing temperatures visit our Winter Ready pages.

Stay safe.

Order for questioning

Once we have obtained judgement we would like to know more about your financial circumstances before deciding what to do next.

We’ll always try and encourage you to voluntarily disclose your financial circumstances.

However, if we’ve not been successful, we’ll ask the Court to make an order requiring you to attend Court and disclose these details under oath. These will then be forwarded to us so that we may review them and decide the best course of action to recover your debt.

Contact our debt team

Speak to an advisor

If you have any queries or concerns on paying your water bill, please speak to our friendly advisors.

0303 313 0022

8am to 6pm Monday to Friday. This is a toll-free telephone number.

What should I do once I have been served with the order?

We’d strongly recommend you read it carefully and seek independent legal advice if you’re unsure on anything.

You should note the time and date of the hearing and make sure you attend. If you fail to attend after you have been served with the order, the Court may make a further order for your committal to prison so it is essential that you deal with the matter.

You can contact us at any stage to make an offer of payment. Alternatively you can direct your offer to the Court via the hearing. Your reasonable travel expenses can be claimed in advance for attending the hearing.

Why have I been served with the court documents for the order for questioning?

We have to arrange for the documents to be served on you so that the court can be satisfied you are aware of the order.