Claim form

A Claim Form is a formal legal document used to make a claim at the County Court. The Claim Form sets out the basis of the claim together with the amount being claimed from you.

We send this to the Court for it to ‘seal’ and ‘issue’ the claim. The claim is given a unique claim number. The Court will then send you the claim.

Why has the court sent me a claim form?

Because we issued a claim (described above), following your failure to either make payment or contact us with payment proposals; or no formal repayment arrangement has been agreed.

What is the consequence of a County Court Judgement (CCJ)

Judgements stay on the Register of Judgements for six years. Banks and loan companies use this information to help decide whether to give you credit. Your judgement is only removed from the register if:

  • you paid the full amount within 28 days from the date of judgement
  • it is set aside (withdrawn) by the court.

If you pay the full amount within 28 days you can remove your judgement by sending a fee and proof of payment to the Court. If it takes you more than 28 days to pay the judgement, you can send a fee and proof of payment to get the judgement marked 'satisfied' on the register. It will stay for six years but people/companies searching the register will see that you have paid it.

You can search the register yourself for a fee. If your details are wrong you can get your entry checked with the Court. Some companies offer ‘credit repair’ checks, but you can usually sort things out yourself with the Court more cheaply.

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