Assessed measured charge

If you have applied for a water meter but have been unable to have one fitted, you may be entitled to go on an assessed measured charge.

What is an Assessed Measured Charge?

It is a specially reduced charge, at a fixed amount, in the event that a water meter cannot be fitted. Think of it as a pretend metered bill.

Who is it for?

It is reserved for our household customers who have asked for a meter but we’ve been unable to install one.

When is an Assessed Measured Charge not given?

  • Sometimes we may ask you to do some work to enable us to fit a meter, such as removing boxing or panelling. If you choose not do this work then we will continue to bill you on an unmeasured charge.
  • If the standard unmeasured charge for your property is lower than the Assessed Measured Charge.
  • If your property is empty or not occupied for long periods of time or under renovation.

How is an Assessed Measured Charge calculated?

We have looked at lots of other customers’ bills who have meters and who have similar circumstances to you. We have combined all of their bills and calculated their average. This average becomes the fixed Assessed Measured Charge.
We have two bands, a low band and an average band. The banding is set by the number of appliances which use water in your property and the number of occupants.

I have just moved into a property with an Assessed Measured Charge, what happens next?

We may ask you to tell us some information about the number of people that live in your property and the number of appliances you have. If we think that the standard unmeasured charge is better for you, that is the charge you will have.

I have just moved into a property with an Assessed Measured Charge, why can’t I have a meter?

We know we are unable to fit a meter because we have tried to do this previously. If you have altered the plumbing in your property and you think that this means we are now able to fit a meter, then contact us and we will confirm why we couldn’t fit a meter and whether it is now reasonable for us to visit to try to install one for you.

Can I go back to the standard unmeasured charge for my property?

Yes if it is the cheaper option for you – we would have already checked this before giving you the Assessed Measured Charge. Also you can ask us not to have this charge and to have the unmeasured standard charge for your property within 2 years of the date that we started charging you on the Assessed Measured Charge – why? because if you had a real meter, we would give you this option.

How will I know that I am on an Assessed Measured Charge?

It will tell you on your bill.

When will I receive my bill?

If you have just moved into the property, then you will receive it shortly after.

If we have been out to fit a meter but we have been unable to do so, then within 30 days of our visit we will switch you to the Assessed Measured Charge and a new bill will be sent. If you were on any payment plan with us, this will automatically be recalculated.

Will you tell me if I cannot have an Assessed Measured Charge?

Yes and we will tell you the reason why and what will happen next.

I pay my water bill to you, but it includes a sewerage charge on behalf of Severn Trent Water Company or Hafren Dyfrdwy– what happens?

Severn Trent Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy’s sewerage charges are different to ours, all water companies do different things. If we give you our Assessed Measured Charge for water, we will give you the most suitable sewerage charge equivalent that Severn Trent Water and Hafren Dyfrdwy has.

Here are our household Assessed Measured Charges for April 2022 to March 2023
Water £    
 No. Occupants  Average Use Low Use
1 127.80  105.81
2 164.90  137.42
3 & above 208.87
Sewerage £  
Average Use With Surface Water Discount
211.44 179.89
257.22 225.66
311.47 279.92
Sewerage £  
Low Use With Surface Water Discount
184.31 152.75
223.30 191.75
270.78 239.22