Your metered water bill

If you have a water meter, you'll get a bill that reflects the water that you have used over that bill period. Our domestic customers will be billed twice a year.

Here's all you need to know.

Your metered water bill explained

Your metered bill 2022 explained

You may have received your new metered bill. Click below to find out more about your bill and see the most frequently asked questions and answers.

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How can I reduce my water bill

How can I reduce my water bill and check for leaks

Information on how we calculate your bill and an explanation of all the charges.

Take a look at our water saving tips as well as a guide on how to detect leaks at the earliest opportunity.

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Help and support with your metered bill

Help and support with your bill

If you are having trouble affording to pay your bill, please don’t suffer in silence. We know life can be stressful and unpredictable and personal circumstance can change very quickly.

We may be able to help you and offer financial support.

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Leaky loo

Is your toilet leaking?

Can you see the water running constantly in the toilet? This can be a small trickle or a stream. You may have a leak.

You spot it, we'll stop it.

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Our one-time sign up process means you only need to remember your username and password. We will inform you when your meter is due to be read and you can then submit your reading on your dashboard.

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