WaterSafe supply pipe installers

When laying water supplies for your development, we recommend using an installer that is listed by WaterSafe, the national register for approved contractors.

WaterSafe members have certified knowledge of the Regulations, which mean we can have confidence that their work is up to the necessary standard. They’ll also have relevant liability insurance and technical qualifications where necessary.

WaterSafe have produced a short film explaining why you should be using approved contractors for your water supply pipe installations, which you can watch below:

At Welsh Water, we’ll trust those who are listed to self-certify their installation work, meaning less time on site waiting with open trenches for our inspections and less disruption to your development.

We’ve changed our ways of working to make this the quickest possible way to obtain your new water connections. Those who don’t use approved contractors will still need to have a full trench inspection prior to connection.

We promote the benefits of WaterSafe water supply pipe installers to our customers and will help developers to sign up via our local approved contractor scheme, WIAPS. We want to support Developers and their contractors in becoming approved.

To learn more about WIAPS and WaterSafe, including how to join, click here.

WaterSafe Approved Plumbers

We also promote the use of WaterSafe plumbers to all our customers, including developers. We can support qualified plumbers in joining WaterSafe by providing free Water Regulations training. For more details on this, please click here.

Please note WaterSafe and WIAPS members are not directly affiliated with Welsh Water. We support these schemes and promote the use of competent and qualified installers to our customers.

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