COVID-19 (Coronavirus) – A Message to Our Customers

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Updated: 09:00 04 January 2021

We know that this continues to be a difficult and challenging time for customers. We also know that the water and wastewater services we provide play a key role in protecting public health and safeguarding the communities we serve.

As we have done throughout the pandemic, we are doing all we can to protect our colleagues while also maintaining our services to customers. You will continue to see us working in streets and communities during this time but we are only doing essential work that will help protect public health by maintaining our key water and wastewater services to customers. We will not be doing any work which would require us to enter properties unless it is an emergency.

Our Billing Call Centre remains open from 8am - 6pm (Monday to Friday) and is available to support our most vulnerable customers who have been impacted by the coronavirus.

If you’re impacted by the coronavirus and concerned about your water bill, please click here for more information.

Remember, you can update your account, tell us you are moving and set up a direct debit by visiting our online services.

We will keep you informed of any other changes through updates on this site and via our social media channels - Facebook & Twitter.

We will to do everything we can to continue providing our essential services and we thank you for your support.

Milky water

Milky water is usually caused by air getting into the system. Tiny air bubbles can form in the water as it’s drawn from the tap giving it the milky or cloudy appearance you are seeing. Water with air bubbles is perfectly safe to drink.

Here’s a glass test you can do to see if the milky appearance is due to air bubbles:

  • Fill a glass of cold water from the tap.
  • See if it clears from the bottom to the top.
  • If it does, this indicates the milkiness is due to air bubbles and that the water is fine to drink.


Air can get into water pipes in various ways – sometimes it can happen when we’ve been working on the water mains in the street. The appearance of air in water can also be caused by internal plumbing, the most common cause is when cold water pipes sit too close to hot water or central heating pipes. Warm water holds less dissolved air than cold water so when the cold water is warmed in the pipe air bubbles will form which results in the water appearing milky. This milky appearance should clear if you flush the tap until the water runs cold and you can prevent it from happening by insulating the pipes to stop the cold water warming up.

If your water doesn’t clear in the glass test above and the milky water is persistent, affecting all your taps and not affecting neighbours, then please contact us for further advice.