Frozen pipes at home

If you have no water during the cold weather or your water pressure has dropped so there's only a trickle coming out of the tap, don’t panic.

What do you do if you have frozen pipes?

  • Find your internal stop tap and turn it off.
  • Drain the cold water system only by flushing the toilet and opening cold taps over sinks and baths
  • Check pipes for signs of damage and if it’s safe to do so, slowly thaw the frozen pipe with hot water bottles or a towel soaked in hot water, starting at the end of the pipe.
  • Never use a naked flame or blowtorch to thaw a pipe.
  • Switch your stop tap back on and check your water is running properly again.
  • If you are unsure of anything at any time, call a registered plumber.

What do you do if you have a burst pipe?

If your pipe has burst, don’t panic.

  • Try to find where the burst is - and turn off the supply by turning the stop tap clockwise.
  • Open all taps to reduce flooding.
  • Soak up or block off escaping water with thick towels
  • Turn off your electrics: if the water is near anything electrical - including lights, sockets or appliances - don’t touch them. Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous and you’ll probably need to call a professional to repair damage.
  • Call a registered plumber - if you need help to repair a burst pipe, contact a Watersafe-assured plumber.

Who’s responsible for fixing the problem?

If pipes in your home or garden are frozen, it’s your responsibility. You’ll need to call a registered plumber.

Burst or leaking water pipe

What do you do if you have no water?

If you have checked the pipes on your property and they are not burst or frozen, and you still have no water supply, let us know so we can fix it.

  • Are we doing some work in your area – check your post in case we’ve sent you a letter?
  • Check our In your Area page to see if there is a problem in your area?
  • Check to see if your neighbours are also affected. If they are, please call us on 0800 052 0130.
  • If you're the only one without water, you could have frozen pipes on your property.