Biosolids for agriculture

A cost effective and sustainable fertiliser, providing a valuable source of nutrients and organic matter for agricultural land.

What are Biosolids?

Biosolids are the final treated product of wastewater treatment processes. Biosolids can be used as a sustainable soil enhancer and offer many benefits over chemical fertilisers. They are a valuable source of organic matter, plant nutrients and trace elements.

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water provide a full service, including soil sampling, to assess land suitability and ongoing support and guidance to ensure efficient utilisation of nutrients. Biosolids are suitable for annual application to arable and grass field systems. 

We are currently looking for sites that have winter HGV access, within 40 miles of our AAD Plants – Port Talbot, Cardiff, Hereford and Wrexham.



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Or contact one of our Agricultural Scientists:
Jenna Thompson, South West Wales: 07387 259022
Tom Powell, South East Wales & Hereford: 07387 258999
Shaun Thomas, North Wales: 07795 445258