River Pollution

Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water works to protect rivers and other waterways by treating the wastewater from our homes and businesses and safely returning it to the environment. It requires huge amounts of equipment and thousands of kilometres of sewers.

Help us minimise pollution in water by telling us as soon as possible if you see sewage pollution in a river, stream, or other watercourse.

Our goal is ‘zero tolerance’:

At Welsh Water our vision is simple, ‘to earn the trust of our customers every day’.

This vision reflects our unique ownership structure as a not-for-profit water company. We don’t have shareholders so we can concentrate on delivering the best possible value for money and reinvest our profits into the business to improve outcomes for our customers and the environment.

Our model makes it easier for us to focus on the long-term, which will be crucial for managing future challenges we can expect to face like climate change and urban creep. Our 2050 vision sets out our aspiration to approach these challenges with long-term sustainable solutions

Sewage pollution has been included in our company vision: “...that customers should be able to look forward to: ...a zero-tolerance approach to pollution”.

Get Involved

If you see pollution in water from our pipes or other equipment, then please ‘phone our hotline immediately on 0800 085 3968 or report pollution online here.

Please give us as much information as you can about the polluted water, as well as your contact details. We’ll investigate and take any action that’s needed. And if you choose, we’ll keep you updated.

How can you help minimise the risk of pollution?

Most Pollutions incidents are caused by blocked sewer systems.

You can help us by:

  • Throwing all wipes, cotton buds and sanitary products away in the bin.
  • Disposing of fat, oil, and grease responsibly instead of pouring it down the sink
  • Ensuring grey water appliances such as sinks, dish washers and washing machines are connected to the foul sewer and not the surface water system to prevent a miss connection.

Involving the community

If you’re involved in community activities and would like information on pollution, or perhaps our advice on a community project please email us with your request and contact details to RiverQualityLiaison@dwrcymru.com. A member of our team will be in touch.

Living & learning with water

Would you like your children to know more about the vital role water plays in our everyday lives? We've a wealth of interesting information and resources, all linked to the national curriculum. They’ve been developed with educational experts to stimulate and educate Key Stage 2 pupils. More information can be seen by clicking here.

Combined Storm Overflows

CSOs are designed to operate during heavy rain so that if they do operate then any sewage present is heavily diluted with rain and surface water.

The operation of our CSOs is highly regulated and is permitted and monitored by our environmental regulators Natural Resources Wales and Environment Agency.

We’re working hard to minimise water pollution but if our assets aren’t functioning as they should or there’s a problem then there’s a chance that we could cause pollution.

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Our commitment to you

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Since 2001, Welsh Water has been owned by Glas Cymru – a ‘not for profit’ company.