The truth about wet wipes

Just a single wet wipe is enough to start a blockage in your sewer pipe and risks causing catastrophic flooding in your home resulting in significant distress and cost.

But by doing what's right you can stop the block.

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Blocked toilet

Avoid blockages

in the bathroom

  • Only flush the 3Ps! Throw all wipes, sanitary items, cotton buds and nappies away in the bin
  • Check to see if your local council provide a nappy collection service
  • Try out some plastic free or reusable products to cut down on your waste and help the planet
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Avoid blockages

in your kitchen

  • Wipe out your pans and other greasy items with a kitchen towel before washing them, throw the kitchen towel in the bin
  • Pour any unused cooking oil that has been allowed to cool into a container to dispose of or recycle if your council allows

Avoid blockages

at your place of work

  • Drainage problems at your business not only affects you but can also impact on your customers
  • Our team can conduct a bespoke survey for your kitchen, free of charge to ensure you are compliant with industry regulations
Helpful tips and further information

How sewer blockages impact the local environment...

Frequently Asked Questions

Report it

If you see pollution, please report it to us straight away via 0800 085 3968 or the link below. 

Remember to only flush pee, poo and paper to help protect your local environment.
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