Protect yourself from bogus callers

Bogus callers pretend to be someone else in order to get into your home, where they’ll try to steal money or valuables. Sometimes they pretend to be from Welsh Water (or ‘the water board’). They usually target elderly or vulnerable people.

We hate bogus callers. So we’re doing all we can to keep you and your home safe. 

Bogus Caller Helpline - 0800 281 141

How to tell the good guys (that's us!) from the bad guys

Warning signs
When bogus callers knock on your door they will:

  • Not have an appointment
  • Not be willing for you to study their identity card (if they have one)
  • Often work in pairs
  • Try and make you feel under pressure
  • Ask for money

They can look quite believable – perhaps with an official-looking uniform, and a fake ID card. They can also appear to be friendly and persuasive.

The real thing

Everyone who works for Welsh Water carries an ID card, and is happy to show it. Usually we drive vans with the Welsh Water livery. Sometimes we use contractors, who may drive different company vans, but they’ll still have their own ID card, and will follow the same rules as regular Welsh Water people. We never ask for, or accept, any money from you at your home. And usually we’ll have an appointment, so you’ll be expecting us.

The 3 C’s rule

When you answer your door to anyone calling from Welsh Water, follow our three C’s rule: CARD, CHECK and CALL.


Ask us to show you our ID cards - we won’t be offended! In fact, all our employees and contractors are very happy to do this. If you like, we can pass our ID cards through the letterbox for you. Have a good look – there’s no hurry.


Check the ID card carefully:

  • Is the photo on the ID card the same as the person standing at your door?
  • Has the ID card been tampered with in any way, or look fishy?
  • Take your time. We’re more than happy to wait outside while you check. We won’t put you under any pressure to let us in.

If you are not 100% sure, DO NOT let us in!


If you’re in any doubt, call our Bogus Caller Helpline on 0800 281 141. We can tell you if your caller is genuine, and we’d much prefer that you rang us, rather than risk being robbed. If the person becomes in any way pushy, then call the police immediately by dialing 999.

If you’re in any doubt about whether the caller is genuine, don’t let them into your home.

Password Scheme

To make you feel safer, we can arrange to use a password when we visit you. Simply choose a password that’s easy for you to remember, and register it by ringing us on 0800 052 0145. Whenever we visit, we’ll use this password (and if we don’t, then don’t let us in!).


Password Protection

To register a password call 0800 052 0145

P.S. Bogus callers usually target the elderly and vulnerable, who may not have access to the internet. You can help by spreading the word to family and neighbours.