Help and advice if you're renovating your property or splitting or combining multiple properties.

Renovating your property

Our charges remain payable even if you're renovating your property and you don’t believe you will be using water. This is because the supply is still available at the property, for example in the bathroom / kitchen or for water used as part of the renovation process.

What are your options?

1. Continue paying your bill as normal
If your property is measured, then you will only pay for the water you will use plus other associated charges.

2. Request a temporary disconnection
If a property has a temporary disconnection, then you will not be able to use any water at all, this includes flushing the toilet. Please note that you may still be charged for Surface Water Drainage during a temporary disconnection, and there is a reconnection fee which is payable when your supply is reconnected.

3. Request a permanent disconnection
Similar to a temporary disconnection, if a property has a permanent disconnection then you will not be able to use any water at all. There is no charge for a permanent disconnection but we must receive the request in writing (either via letter or email). If you wanted to reconnect the property at a later date, this would be treated as a brand-new connection, with relevant charges being applicable at that time. We cannot guarantee that these charges will remain the same as they are now. Please note that a disconnected supply may impact the value of your property.

4. Request a water meter (if you don't have one already)
Having a water meter is free, with meters usually being installed within three months. You would need to continue to pay your unmeasured charges until the meter is installed, but you would only pay for the water you use after the meter is installed.