Help and support during an incident

Our teams work hard 24/7, 365 days a year to provide water and waste services to our customers; ensuring customers have uninterrupted services is our key priority.

Unfortunately, we sometimes get interruptions which can affect your water supply or even cause sewer flooding. Some of these things could be as a result of:

  • Bursts on our water pipes and network
  • Electrical faults during storms
  • Blocked drains and sewers
  • Climate emergencies

In all cases we aim to minimise the impact to our customers and ensure that we complete the repairs as soon as we can. And while we complete the repair we’ll do all we can to provide our customers with the most up to date information on the work we are doing, how we are helping customers and the timings before we can restore things back to normal.

Each supply interruption is different, and we will respond to each one according to its own unique circumstances, the following information outlines what you can expect from us during a prolonged incident (more than 12 hours).

Welsh Water Operational Worker

How we’ll keep

you updated

Whilst we cannot let you know in advance of an unplanned issue if we have your most up to date contact information, we can make sure we are able to contact you when we need you.

If we have your correct telephone numbers (landline or mobile) we will be able to send you a text message once we have identified that you are affected and the timeline for the supply returning to normal.

Your email address is really handy too. We put regular updates about the emergency/incident on our website and once you register with the service using your email address then we’ll be able to send you email alerts if something is happening in your area. You can log on to the website anytime to see if there is an update and to find out more information.

In your area
A Welsh Water colleague

What you

can do

If you don’t think we have your up-to-date contact telephone numbers or email addresses then please let us know. You’ll also be able to register to receive regular updates via email here too.

Our social media pages are updated regularly so if you use social media, you’ll also be able to find updates on our X and Facebook pages.

Don’t forget to follow us so you are kept up to date as soon as information is available and like and share with friends and family to help us spread the message.

Providing water during an incident