Reducing your water bill

We are aware that there are companies out there who will contact you claiming to be able to reduce your water bill. These companies usually charge a fee to investigate if savings are possible, or keep part of any savings that are identified.

Lots of these offers relate to surface water rebates, but there is no need to pay a third party for something that you can do directly with us for free.

Some companies who offer to cut your bills may also ask that you pay your water charges to them rather than directly to us, and sometimes these payments may not be passed onto us. If this happens, you as the customer would still be directly responsible and if you have paid someone who has not paid us, we will seek to recover what we are owed from you (even if you have paid someone else).

You can also find some advice on the Consumer Council for Water Wales website click here. The Consumer Council for Water Wales looks after the interests of water consumers in Wales and England.

What next...

If customers think that they may be eligible for any reduction in their water or sewerage charges, we would encourage them to: