Welsh Water is committed to putting the needs of our customers first. That means supporting the most vulnerable in society and providing help to those who need it most.

Campaigns Awareness and Evaluation Survey

Campaigns Awareness and Evaluation Survey

Please help us evaluate the effectiveness of the Campaigns by filling in the survey below. Thank you for helping us to reach our most vulnerable customers; together we can do so much more.


We’re expanding Cymuned!

Following an annual review of Cymuned, our financial support offering for working households, on 1st April 2024, we expanded the offering to make it more accessible to our eligible customers.

What’s New?

The eligibility criteria for Cymuned hasn’t changed from households with at least one working adult:

  • Whose combined total income is £50,000 per year or less,
  • Whose household bills exceed their income,
  • Who do not qualify for another Welsh Water social tariff or debt scheme.

However, we expanded the ability for our trusted partners to apply on behalf of customers, opening it up to more organisations such as debt advice agencies, local authorities and housing associations, who can complete an income and expenditure assessment.

Tracey Jones, Promotions Advisor, said: “This is an exciting development for Cymuned. Since launch, we have supported over 213 customers with Cymuned and with the expansion, we can now offer a more accessible application process for our customers.

“We’ve worked hard with our original partners, StepChange, Warm Wales and Citizen’s Advice, to support lots of customers so far, so opening this out to more organisation means we can hopefully reach more people who need it.”

For more information on Cymuned and how to access the support, click here.




As always, we enjoyed working with you in providing support for our customers in communities around Wales. In the financial year 2023/24, we have:

  • Delivered 660 training/awareness sessions across a network of organisations.
  • Supported 1,165 customers through our direct face-to-face community support.
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