Your annual bill explained

You may have received your new annual bill. See below to find out more about your bill and see the most frequently asked questions and answers.

Frequently asked questions about your annual bill

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The meter estimation calculator

Do you live alone, not use much water, or are you looking to reduce your bill? You might save money by having a water meter installed.

Just answer a few questions and see what your bill could be if you were on a meter!

How many people live at your property?

This includes both adults and children.

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How do you use your water?

Do you use a power shower, washing machine or dish washer, garden sprinkler, or hosepipe?

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Your monthly estimate

Based on the information you’ve provided, we would expect your bill to be around £{MonthlyCharge} per month if you switched to a meter.

This is just an estimate, your bill may be higher or lower than this depending on how much water you use. You would be billed based on the amount of water you use every 6 months.

If you’re interested, read on below for more information.

Your bill could be around:


per month

or £{AnnualCharge} per year.