High winds and heavy rain

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Updated: 19:30 18 January 2021

We are experiencing high volumes of calls due to the high winds and heavy rain and our crews are extremely busy. We are prioritising the work and will do our best to attend each job as soon as possible, so please bear with us.

Here are the organisations you may need to contact:

Natural Resources Wales - 0800 807 060 (24 Hours) - if the flooding is coming from a watercourse (such as stream) that is about to or has burst its banks.
Your Local Council - if you suspect the flooding is resulting from rising groundwater or surface water run off.
Welsh Water Sewerage Services & Emergencies - 0800 085 3968 (24 hours) or report an issue via a webform – for flooding inside your property caused by a blocked or overloaded sewer.

Pay by Direct Debit

By paying by direct debit you have the option of spreading your bill over instalments and making payments that are more flexible for you and at no extra cost.

What are the benefits of setting up a Direct Debit payment plan?

  • You can spread your bill over instalments (at no extra cost)
  • A payment plan may make it easier for you to budget your finances
  • You have the flexibility to choose how often you pay


How much will I have to pay?

When we calculate your instalment amount, we will make sure your payments cover your current charges plus any arrears (if applicable). We will let you know how much this will be once we have set up your plan. If you find the payments are not affordable, please let us know and we will discuss alternative payment options with you.