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WaterSource PestSmart 2019 Pesticide Disposal Scheme

2019 Pesticide Disposal Scheme

As part of our PestSmart project, we offered a free and confidential disposal scheme for farmers, growers, gamekeepers, foresters and land managers to safely dispose of any unwanted, out of date or unlicensed pesticides and herbicides which are difficult or expensive to dispose of.

By providing this disposal scheme across Wales and in Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water’s Drinking water catchment areas in England, we worked with land managers to safeguard raw water quality before it reaches our water treatment works.

Please note: Registration for the 2019 Pesticide Disposal Scheme is now closed but you can sign up to receive updates on any future schemes here

I’ve already registered – what next?

If you registered within the registration window, you should have been contacted by our third party contractors, Chem Clear Ltd. They will need confirmation of your trading name and information on the chemicals you’d like to dispose of. If Chem Clear Ltd have not been in touch please contact the PestSmart team by email on pestsmart@dwrcymru.com or give us a call on 01443 452716.

Who was eligible?

water droplet Farmers & Growers
water droplet Gamekeepers
water droplet Foresters
water droplet Land managers

The disposal scheme was not available to:

  • Commercial firms engaged in pest control
  • Commercial firms engaged in ground maintenance
  • Local authorities
  • Commercial firms engaged in waste disposal

The disposal scheme was available throughout Wales and our drinking water catchments in England - these maps highlight the eligible areas.

What was accepted?

We accepted:
tick  Herbicide / Weed Killer
tick  Sheep Dip
tick  Insecticide Sprays
tick  Slug Pellets
tick  Rodenticides
tick  Fungicide Sprays

We did not accept:
cross  Oil
cross  Veterinary Medications
cross  Waste Oil
cross  Farm Yard Effluent
cross  Household Pesticides and Waste

When are collections taking place?

Postcode area:

Estimated collection month:

Did participants get in trouble for disposing out of date or unlicensed products?


This was a completely confidential scheme – only the contractor knows what has been collected from participants. They will not share this information with anyone.

More information on this is available in our T&Cs