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Weed Wiper Partnership

In 2015 Welsh Water successfully worked with Natural Resources Wales and the farming industry on an innovative campaign to tackle the rising levels of the grassland herbicide MCPA.

The partnership plan to build on the success and Welsh Water will be continuing the Weed Wiper Trial in the existing target areas between April and October 2018.

The campaign works with farmers and land managers to promote better advice on handling, applying and disposing of grassland sprays, guidance on mechanical control of rushes and improving land condition to addressing the underlying causes of infestations.

Using weed wipers to manage grassland weeds like rushes is more beneficial as it is applied directly to the plant, uses less chemicals and dramatically reduces spray drift. Weed wipers have the added benefit of only being licensed for use with Glyphosate, a chemical which has potentially less impact on water quality as it can break down quicker at around 2-3 days compared to MCPA, which breaks down in 15 to 25 days.


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