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Final Water Resources Management Plan 2015 - 2040


One of our most important functions is to maintain safe and reliable supplies of drinking water to our customers. We are committed to ensuring that in the future there will be sufficient water to meet the requirements of our customers. To meet this commitment we produce a Water Resources Management Plan that set out how we intend to maintain water supplied to all of our customers.

We do this by looking ahead at the likely future demands of our domestic and business customers alike, whilst balancing these against the water available for supply, even in the driest years, taking into account the potential effects of climate change.

In 2013 Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water published a draft Water Resources Management Plan. This draft WRMP was consulted upon, and we published a Statement of Response to the consultation in December 2013, which addressed the consultation responses received. The WRMP was amended to include the additional supporting evidence that we had committed to provide in the Final WRMP through the Statement of Response. In March 2014 Welsh Government gave us direction to publish our Final Water Resources Management Plan.

The Final Plan outlines our 25-year strategy for managing water resources across our supply area and maintaining the balance between supply and demand. It identifies deficit zones where demand is exceeding (or forecast to exceed) supply and identifies appropriate measures to either increase supply or to manage demand in each water resources zone. We have looked at a range of options to meet the deficit including developing new water resources and the promotion of water efficiency measures.

The choice of options has been considered within, and influenced by, the Strategic Environmental Assessment and the Habitats Regulation Assessment that accompany the Final Water Resources Management Plan.

The Final Water Resources Management Plan and supporting documents are available below.