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Report a Leak

We’ve reduced the amount of water lost through leaks on our network by 50% over the past 10 years, which has helped us to reduce the amount of water we extract from the rivers in Wales to provide drinking water.

On average, we find and fix more than 100 bursts and leaks every day. If you spot a leak on our water pipes, please tell us about it so we can fix it.

The quickest way to tell us is by completing our quick and easy form or you can contact us by webchat or telephone.

The more information you can give us the quicker we can identify and fix the leak.

Things to tell us:

  • Location of the leak - full address if possible and whether it's in the road, pavement etc.
  • How bad the leak is? ie. is it a trickle, flow or burst.
  • How long it has been leaking.
  • If the leak is causing a hazard ie. a slip hazard or causing pedestrians to walk in the road.
  • Your contact details in case we need more information.

Leaks on your own supply pipe

If you think you have a leak on your own supply pipe, then the following information may help you.