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How to deal with a burst pipe

How to deal with a burst pipe in your home 

  1. Turn off the water supply
  2. Turn off the main stop tap – it should be in the cupboard under the kitchen sink or where the service pipe comes into your home.

  3. Open all taps to reduce flooding

  4. Soak up/ block off escaping water with thick towels

  5. Turn off the electrics
  6. If water leaks near anything electrical – lights, sockets or appliances – don’t touch them. Switch off the electricity supply straight away. Electrical wiring damaged by water can be very dangerous and you will probably need to call in a professional to repair any damage.

  7. Call a qualified plumber
  8. If you need a plumber to help you repair a burst pipe then the Water Industry Approved Plumbers scheme may be able to help you.

    Burst or leaking water pipe