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Monday, 17th February

With flooding still affecting many communities in Wales and Herefordshire, we are experiencing high volumes of calls due to the high winds and heavy rain and our crews are extremely busy.

Here are the organisations you may need to contact:

Natural Resources Wales - 0800 80 70 60 (24 Hours) - if the flooding is coming from a watercourse (such as a stream) that is about to or has burst its banks.

Your Local Council – if you suspect the flooding is resulting from rising groundwater or surface water run off.

Welsh Water Sewerage Services & Emergencies - 0800 085 3968 (24 hours) or report an issue via a webform – for flooding inside your property caused by a blocked or overloaded sewer.

Essential Care Facilities

Wrap up pipes and taps in a cold place, wrap them with insulation or a lagging kit and inspect them regularly.

Consider draining pipes which are in exposed cold places ahead of a cold snap, and turn off the valves.

Keep your building warm
by keeping the heating on low during freezing spells, service the boiler and check your radiators are all working properly.

Dripping taps and even the smallest leak can increase the risk of frozen pipes. Talk to your staff and make sure they report any leaks, broken fittings or broken insulation.

Know how much water you use, if possible take regular meter readings (where it is safe to do so) to spot any leaks quickly.

Know where your stop taps are (you may have more than one), and check that they work. You’ll need to get to them quickly, and know how to turn them off, should the worst happen. And take time to know where water pipes are, indoors and outside, are so you can inspect regularly.

Know your plumbers
Keep a list of registered plumbers handy in case you need to call them in an emergency, the Water Industry Approved Plumbers scheme may be able to help you.

Check the property if it is being left empty for a period during a cold spell. Taking time to do this can reduce the impact frozen or burst pipes.

Disconnect any hosepipes to stop them becoming damaged.

Ensure you have the correct contact details available of contractors in your area who can assist you because a local plumber may not be able to help with the external private pipe network within a large site. 

As a site that relies on a water supply you should consider, if possible, having water storage facilities on site. 

Depending on the critical nature of your site we may have already contacted you to discuss emergency plans for any unplanned interruption to your water supply. These plans may be as simple as ensuring we hold accurate contact information for you, registering your site for bottled water or on acute sites ensuring we have the ability to connect tankers into your internal water supply system. 

If you have not had any discussions with us on these matters please contact us at (customers with a single site using over 50,000m3 of water per year should contact their Retailer).