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Pumping Station Transfer

On 1st October 2016, we took responsibility for most private pumping stations in our area. This change takes responsibility away from our customers and will lead to more effective management of the wastewater network.

Pumping Stations are built when the drainage system to a house or housing development is lower than the public sewer to which it has to connect. The waste water then has to be “lifted” by a pump and a pressurised pipe known as a rising main, into the public sewer.

The pump is located in a buried chamber called a wet well, which collects the waste water from the drainage system. You will normally only see the steel access covers for the wet well and a kiosk, usually green or grey, which contains the electrical control equipment for the pumps.

It could be that a developer did not ask us to adopt the pumping station, or went out of business before completing the process, or ownership of the pumping station may have transferred from a developer to local residents. There will also be some pumping stations that Welsh Water has refused to adopt because they are not up to the required standard to become part of our network.

In Welsh Water's operating area we estimate that we may have 800 private pumping stations.

Taking over responsibility for these will mean a dramatic increase in our workload, but we support this transfer, as we believe that it is good for our customers and will:

  • Remove the unfair burden of responsibility from customers currently served by these pumping stations.
  • Provide much greater clarity on ownership and responsibilities.
  • Ensure that the cost of maintenance and repairs will be distributed more fairly.

Those that have been located and considered eligible have now been transferred to our network.