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Across Wales, there are around 2,000 sewer blockages every month. Blockages are caused by people flushing everyday items like cotton buds and wet wipes down the toilet; or rinsing things like fat, oil and food scrapings down the sink.

When a sewer or drain blocks, it can cause flooding in your own home or a neighbour’s property. Blockages can also lead to environmental pollution, damaging rivers and beaches.

We know that most customers are careful in how they use toilets and sinks, however we’ve found that some people just do not realise that flushing or pouring the wrong things away can have such serious consequences.

Wet wipes (including those labelled as “flushable”), disposable nappies and sanitary products are the main items that cause problems; but kitchen oil, fats and grease can also lead to major blockages. These items should not be disposed of down the drain.

For simple advice to help prevent problems in your community, follow the links below.