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Meter Logger

If you're concerned about the amount of water you use, you can check your usage by carrying out a couple of simple tests. These tests are explained in our 'Where does your water go?' leaflet (PDF).

If you remain concerned following the above tests, you may wish to consider a temporary meter logger.

What is a meter logger?

A meter logger is a device which can be fitted on the water meter (available for meters up to 25mm). It records how much water you use each minute in 24 hour periods of time.

How long will a meter logger remain on the meter?

The logger will remain in place for at least 14 days. If we need to gain access to your property to remove the logger, we will let you know the removal date.

What information do you get after the logger is removed?

A comprehensive report will be provided. This will help you understand how, and when, the water is being used.

How much does it cost?

The meter logger will cost you £70 (inclusive of VAT). We will refund the fee for the logger in cases where it is established any abnormal usage is due to leakage on Welsh Water's pipes. If applicable a refund will be made within 25 working days.

Interested? Apply for a meter logger by:

  • Printing off and completing our paper meter logger application form and posting it to the following address: Dwr Cymru Customer Services, PO Box 690, St Mellons, Cardiff CF3 5WL. Please send us a cheque or your card details if applying by post.

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