Moving In

If you're moving into a property with a water meter, we cannot update our records until on or after the day you move. Therefore, if your move date is in the future, please let us know once you have moved.

Fill in this form if you are ONLY responsible for water charges at your NEW address.

Moving Within - if you are responsible for water charges at BOTH your NEW address AND your OLD address (within the Welsh Water area), please complete our moving within form instead.

Moving Out - if you were only responsible for water charges at your OLD address OR you are moving out of the Welsh Water area, please complete our moving out form instead.

Your contact details
We use this for data protection when you contact us about your account.
About your new home
Only give us the White on Black OR Black on White numbers on your meter.
Is any part of the property used for business purposes?

Previous Occupier Details

Please provide details of the person vacating the property you are moving into (if known).

Billing details

If you would like your bills sent to a different address to the property you are moving into, please give us the billing address.

How do you want to pay

If you choose to pay by direct debit please give us your bank details in the section below
Your bank details - If paying by Direct Debit

Please make sure you complete the following information in this section, or we will not be able to set you up on a direct debit:

  • Name(s) of account holder
  • Bank/Building Society account number
  • Branch Sort Code
  • Name of Bank/Building Society
  • Payment type

- -

Payment type
Direct Debit Monthly Instalment Payers ONLY

If you chose the Monthly instalments option please select your preferred date for the Direct Debit to be taken.

Preferred payment date
If you do not provide a preferred date we will set up the direct debit on the next available date (allowing 14 days for the direct debit to be set up with your bank/building society).