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Help Paying My Water Bill

Having problems paying your water bill?

If you're having problems paying your bill, please don't ignore them, we have a number of ways we may be able to help you.

Spread the cost of your bill over instalments by setting up a payment plan

If you are already paying via instalments and you're still struggling, please don't ignore any problems instead take a look at other schemes below which aim to help make your water bill more affordable.

Or if you have a particular problem in getting the money to us because of illness or disability, you can pay us in a different way which may be more convenient.

Ways to make your water bill more affordable

  • Pay your water charges automatically through your benefits with our Water Direct scheme and we'll reduce your bill by £25!
  • Our HelpU tariff fixes charges at an affordable rate for low income households in receipt of means-tested benefits.
  • Our WaterSure Wales scheme caps your bill at a maximum of £343 which may reduce your bill.
  • The Customer Assistance Fund gives you affordable instalments and helps you clear what you owe.

Other useful information

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