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If your property was built before 1st April 2000 and a meter has not been fitted, you will be billed on unmeasured charges.

Standard Measured Charges (from 1st April 2019 to 31st March 2020)

Unmeasured Water Services £
Standing charge 136.31
RV based charge – per poundage of RV 0.8714
Uniform Service Charge 249.59

Unmeasured Sewerage Charges £
Standing Charge 184.50
Standing Charge – Surface Water rebated 134.99
RV based charge – per poundage of RV 1.2005
Uniform Service Charge 340.56
Uniform Service Charge – Surface Water rebated 291.05
Surface Water only - includes highway drainage 66.50


How is your bill calculated?

A fixed rate for the year based on:

  • Property size
  • Number of rooms
  • Local amenities
  • Property location
  • General condition

This does not reflect how much water is used nor the number of occupiers. If you would prefer to be billed for the amount of water you use, you can use our calculator to estimate your usage and charges then apply for a meter online.

When will you receive your bill?

We will send your unmeasured bill once a year between February and March. This is for charges from 1st April to the following 31st March (like your council tax bill).

Need some help understanding your bill?

Take a look at our example unmeasured bill for some helpful tips.

When do you need to pay your bill?

As an unmeasured customer, you may pay your bill:

  • Option 1 - In full by 1st April and receive a 1.5% discount off your charges. You may use our online payment service to pay by debit or credit card.
  • Option 2 - In two instalments by 1st April and 1st October.
  • Option 3 - In ten monthly instalments between April and the following January
    (like your council tax payments).
  • Option 4 - In fortnightly or weekly instalments.

Want to spread your bill over instalments? Set up a payment plan by:

If you have a payment plan in place but fail to keep the arrangement, the full outstanding balance will be payable.

Did you know...

  • If you move out of an unmeasured property before 31st March and your bill was paid in full, any over payment will be refunded or transferred to your new address, so you will not lose out.

For example:

Who agrees our charges?

Our charges are set by Ofwat, the water industry regulator.

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