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Diolch Awards 2017 Highlights


Our colleagues are always working hard to put the customer at the heart of everything we do, as we are heading in to 2018 we thought we would take a look back at Diolch award nominations across the year. 

The Diolch Awards are a way for customers and colleagues to say thank you to individuals for delivering great service and going the extra mile to earn the trust of our customers.



Jacob Holmes, Wholesale team

Helping our customers is often more than just doing our job – building a relationship and going out of our way is valuable if we are to earn the trust of our customers every day. Jacob Holmes, one of our Network Inspectors, demonstrated just that spirit when he helped some vulnerable customers avoid thousands of pounds of costs, when he was at their property because of an internal leak.

For Mrs Coombs, whose husband is disabled, Jacob’s help in sorting out an insurance claim was invaluable – an example of how we support vulnerable and low-income customers across all our roles, with many colleagues out championing our social tariffs – including HelpU – to customers they come into contact with.

Jacob said: “The great thing about how we work as inspectors is that we can help each customer individually - and in person.

“With Mrs Coombs, it would have been easy just to give her some advice over the phone about the issue and leave it at that, but by actually going to the property to meet Mrs Coombs and her husband I was able to help much more. She had an internal leak that the insurance company was reluctant to take responsibility for, and with her husband being ill, this was putting a lot of stress on her. She asked if I could have a look through her insurance documents, and I was able to prove the leak could be repaired through her insurance, potentially saving Mrs Coombs a lot of effort and money.”

He has been nominated for a Diolch award by Mrs Coombs for the help he gave her, in which she described him as a “diamond”, saying the dispute with the company – which had maintained the leak was from an outside water supply when it wasn’t – had caused her “great upset”.

She said: “Jake took the time to look at my policy which stated that I was covered. If he hadn’t been there, I would not have pursued my claim. I have now made an official complaint with the insurance company. The leak caused a LOT of damage, which will cost thousands to put right.”

Jacob added: “One of the most important things to remember when dealing with customers in a sensitive situation is that, even though the issue was not Welsh Water’s responsibility, it could have easily be someone from my family in the same situation, and I would want them to receive the best service possible.”


Delyth Thomas, Waste

We always work hard to put the customer first and Delyth Thomas did just that when she spoke to Mr Doyle who had a problem with a blocked sewer.

Mr Doyle was so impressed by the service he received he had to get in touch. He said: “Delyth calmly found a contractor who was working 10 miles away and promised she would get them out to me urgently. She contacted me every step of the process and again after the work was done to check I was happy. My faith in humanity has been restored.”

Paul Collins, Retail

Another of our colleagues has demonstrated going above and beyond his every day role to help someone in need. A 17-year-old boy was knocked off his motorbike while driving along a country lane where meter reader Paul Collins happened to be working. Thankfully, the boy escaped with just a few scrapes and bruises, but was clearly shaken up. Paul stopped to help pick up the pieces of his bike and waited with him until his family were able to get there.

The boy’s sister wrote to say: “Our family are all very thankful for his act of kindness and I hope you are able to reach out to Paul to let him know.”



Howard Davies, Waste

Howard Davies, a sewerage operative from Nash Wastewater Treatment Works, was nominated by a customer who wrote to tell us about his experience when he had an issue with a blocked sewer. The customer explained in the nomination that he had hired two other companies previously, but that they weren’t able to find and fix the cause of the blockage. After searching thoroughly for two hours, Howard managed to pull out a piece of pipe, a stick and an old rag that was causing the block.

The customer wrote, “To me, Howard truly exemplified excellent customer service. He worked like Sherlock Holmes at the puzzle of the layout of our sewers. He was jovial, very friendly and kept us informed as to what he was doing throughout. What a star!”



Samantha Harvey, Retail

We’d like to share a story with you about a Diolch winner from Retail, Samantha Harvey, who was nominated by a customer who wrote to share their experience when Sam helped them when there was an issue with the bill.

The customer said in their nomination that, even though they were conversing over email, Sam’s response to the query was tactful and empathetic, which can be hard to express in written correspondence. Sam made a point to show the customer that she had understood what they needed and gave the options available to them whilst guiding them towards the most appropriate outcome for their situation.

The customer said, “I felt Sam went the extra mile to answer my email in an understanding and professional manner, whilst also providing me with good, sound advice.”


If you have received exceptional service from our staff or contractors who have gone the extra mile to help, professionally dealt with a difficult situation or anticipated your needs  then you can nominate them for a Diolch awards. There are also monthly and annual awards where winners will be given a letter of congratulation and gift vouchers in recognition of their service.

Everyone nominated will be told that you appreciated their efforts.