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Welsh Water to start work on the next phase of work at Lisvane and Llanishen reservoirs


Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is set to start work on the next stage of work at Llanishen and Lisvane reservoirs.

After taking over responsibility for the reservoirs earlier this year the company has already undertaken some initial work at the site and over the course of the coming months, local residents will likely notice an increase in activity linked to the next phase of work.

This will include undertaking essential maintenance and remediation work on the various component parts which form part of the reservoir. These include valves, water run-off channels, chamber covers and the stonework of the dam.

The work will also include tree and foliage clearance around the site. In planning this part of the work, the company has consulted with Natural Resources Wales and the local authority who have agreed with the approach to carry out the work after the bird nesting season is over.

Sian Robinson, Director of Procurement and Estates said, “We’ve already made some good progress at the site but over the course of the coming months, the level of activity linked to our work will noticeably increase.

“There has been limited work undertaken in recent years to manage tree and foliage growth at the site which means it has gone largely unchecked across much of the site. This has restricted access to some of the component parts which are essential for operating a reservoir safely so it’s important we clear them and restore access.

“We appreciate that this kind of work can be disruptive and we would like to thank local residents in advance for bearing with us.”

To ensure the next stage of work can be carried out safely the company is now restricting access to the site temporarily. To help manage this, the company will be reinstating the perimeter fence around the site which over the years has eroded or been vandalised in places. In the short term, temporary fencing will be used to maintain safety while the company reviews options for a longer term fence solution.

Sian Robinson added: “We realise that temporarily prohibiting access will not be popular with everyone but our priority must be to ensure that members of the public, our colleagues and contractors remain safe at all times, therefore, we would ask that people kindly respect this. Please be assured however that we are committed to enabling public access as soon as our work is complete and it is safe to do so.”

Richard Cowie, Chair of the Reservoir Action Group said “There is obviously a lot of work to be done at the site over the course of the coming months but it has been encouraging to see the plans for this come together and the work get underway. It is the culmination of RAG’s 15 year campaign to see the site protected for future generations to enjoy.

“We appreciate that that there is a need to restrict access in the short term for the work to be done safely and we would urge people to respect this so that Welsh Water can complete the work as quickly as possible and then once again open the site to the public.”

To ensure customers are kept informed, the not-for-profit company is writing to residents living in the vicinity of the reservoirs about the next phase of work.