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Welsh Water tops the industry in supporting house building


Welsh Water is continuing to lead the market when it comes to supporting development according to independent findings by Water UK.

The latest results reveal that Welsh Water has emerged in first place for the year as a whole, for both water and sewerage, compared to other Water and Sewerage companies in England and Wales. The not-for-profit company has continually performed well in the last year since measures were introduced to assess water companies’ levels of service for developer services activities.

More than 20 different performance targets for both water and sewerage services were introduced in April 2015 by Water UK to measure water companies’ performance against the levels of service the sector has agreed for the majority of developer services activities.

Since the first results were published in July 2015, the industry has seen a consistent increase in delivery against a range of targets, with overall levels of service performance rising from 89% to 98% for water supply and from 94% to 98% for sewerage. Welsh Water’s average monthly performance was 99% overall.

Peter Perry, Chief Operating Officer at Welsh Water said:

“We are delighted that we are maintaining these high levels of service for our customers. We always strive for excellence when it comes to helping new and existing customers to connect to our network as efficiently as possible, so that we can continue to support growth within our operating area.”

Welsh Water’s Developer Services team serve an average of 400 domestic and developer customers every day. The team support the building of new homes by laying over 36,000m of new pipes, connecting in excess of 6,500 new homes to our water and sewerage networks and responding to over 6000 planning applications every year.


Notes to Editor

  • Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water is a ‘non-shareholder’ water and sewerage company serving much of Wales, Deeside and Herefordshire
  • Since 2001, it has been owned by Glas Cymru which was formed in April 2000 for the sole purpose of acquiring Welsh Water
  • It is a ‘company limited by guarantee’ and our business model is unique in the water industry. It has no shareholders which means that all financial surpluses are reinvested in the business for the benefit of customers. Welsh Water’s Developer Services department helps housing developers, contractors, homeowners and local authorities to connect to the network, supporting development and accommodating economic growth within our operating area
  • In April 2015 Water UK published a set of service levels for water companies’ developer services. All water companies voluntarily agreed to these levels of service and are monitoring their performance against them
  • This followed Ofwat’s and the Government’s challenge to companies to improve customer service in relation to the provision of new connections
  • More Information on Water UK’s Levels of Service can be found at www.water.org.uk

For further information contact Dŵr Cymru Welsh Water Press Office: 01443 452 452 or email press@dwrcymru.com