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PR19 Reports

Supporting Details

Investment Planning WSH.pdf
Summary of Customer Research by Measure of Success WSH.pdf
Economic Insight Cost Benefit Report WSH.pdf
Performance commitments WSH.pdf
Performance Commitments Definitions WSH.pdf
Past Performance report WSH.pdf
Outcome Delivery Incentives- ODI Payment Incentive Rates WSH.pdf
Outcome Delivery Incentives WSH.pdf
Direct Procurement for Customers report WSH.pdf
Direct Procurement Report WSH.pdf
Zonal Studies Methodology WSH.pdf
IC: Water Resources WSH.pdf
Schedule of works anticipated for AMP7 WSH.pdf
Dam Safety & Reservoirs - Cost Modelling WSH.pdf
Definition for asset resilience performance commitment WSH.pdf
Cost-adjustment-summary-form WSH.pdf
IC Reservoir Safety WSH.pdf
Raw Water Distribution WSH.pdf
IC Water Treatment Maintenance WSH.pdf
Cwm Taf Strategy Review WSH.pdf
Multiple stream example WSH.pdf
New Merthyr Works Capacity Assessment WSH.pdf
DWI Notices WSH.pdf
Cwm Taf Water Supply Strategy Cost adjustment WSH.pdf
IC: Cwm Taf Water Supply Strategy WSH.pdf
IC: Water Quality WSH.pdf
IC: Water Network Maintenance WSH.pdf
Zonal Studies Methodology WSH.pdf
South Wales Water Supply Strategy WSH.pdf
IC Customer Minutes Lost Service Improvement WSH.pdf
Zonal Studies Process WSH.pdf
Zonal Studies Cost Benefit Process WSH.pdf
DWI Notices WSH.pdf
Acceptability of Drinking Water Cost-adjustment summary form WSH.pdf
IC Acceptability of Water Service Improvement WSH.pdf
IC: Leakage Improvement WSH.pdf
IC: Water Network plus Growth WSH.pdf
IC: First Time Sewerage WSH.pdf
Wastewater Network Maintenance WSH.pdf
Wastewater Network Enhancement WSH.pdf
NRW Letter- Amended (NEP) WSH.pdf
IC: Llanelli & Gowerton WSH.pdf
Gwili Gwendraeth Investment Case WSH.pdf
IC: Wastewater NEP WSH.pdf
IC: Wastewater Network plus Growth WSH.pdf
Wastewater Treatment WSH.pdf
Bioresources Assets Maintenance WSH.pdf
PR19 IC: Energy WSH.pdf
Cross Service Maintenance WSH.pdf
Investment Cases WSH.pdf

IAP: Supporting Documents

B2.WSH.OC.A2 Annual Performance Reporting
B2.WSH.OC.A4 ODI rates
B2.WSH.OC.A21 Risk of severe restrictions in a drought
B2.WSH.OC.A22 Risk of sewer flooding in a severe storm
B2.WSH.OC.A24 Unplanned Outages
B2.WSH.OC.A36 Customer trust
B2.WSH.LR.A3 Asset Health
B2.WSH.CMI.A1 Bioresources Plan
B2.WSH.CMI.A2 Bioresources Revenue
B2.WSH.CMI.A4 Bid Assessment Framework
B2.WSH.CMI.A5 DPC Suitability Assessment Merthyr
B2.WSH.CMI.A6 DPC Suitability Assessment Gwilli Gwendreath
B2.WSH.CMI.B1 Collaborative research
B2.WSH.CE.A3 NEP Uncertainty Mechanism
B2.WSH.RR.A2 Totex Asymmetry
B2.WSH.RR.A4 Target Credit rating
B2.WSH.RR.A6 RCV Run Off Rates Methodology
B2.WSH.PD.A1 Land sales
B2.WSH.PD.A3 Residential Retail
B2.WSH.PD.A5 Expenditure on the Loughor Estuary
B2.WSH.OC.A8 Customer Protection
B2.14.WSH.CE.A1 Lead pipes  IAP response
B2.15.WSH.CE.A1 Cost Adjustment Claim Acceptability of water (Updated)
B2.16.WSH.CE.A1 Network Quality - new legal obligations IAP response
B2.17.WSH.CE.A1 Leakage IAP response
B2.18.WSH.CE.A1 Project Cartref Investment Case
B2.19.WSH.CE.A1 Enhancements to the supply demand balance IAP response
B2.20.WSH.CE.A1 Improving drought resilience in the Vowchurch Water Resource Zone IAP response
B2.21.WSH.CE.A1 Wastewater resilience IAP response
B2.22.WSH.CE.A1 Wastewater growth IAP response
B2.23.WSH.CE.A1 Storage schemes in the network to reduce spill frequency at CSOs IAP response
B2.24.WSH.CE.A1 Sanitary parameters IAP response
B2.10.WSH.CE.A1 Cost Adjustment Claim - Welsh Language Service costs
B2.11.WSH.CE.A1 Water resilience IAP response
B2.12.WSH.CE.A1 Cwm Taf Water supply strategy IAP response
B2.1.WSH.OC Performance commitments IAP response
B2.2.WSH.OC Performance Commitments and Deadbands WSH
B2.3.WSH.OC Performance commitment definitions IAP Response  (Updated)
B2.4.WSH.OC Outcome Delivery Incentives IAP Response
B2.5.WSH.OC Information on supplementary Customer Engagement
B2.6.WSH.OC DMEX response
B2.7.WSH.LR Resilience measures and systems approach
B2.8.WSH.CE.A1 Cost Assessment Methodology