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Treating wastewater

We want to continue to provide our customers with a sustainable environment, one we are proud to hand to future generations.

We are looking for:

  • Low cost on-line monitors for effluent quality
  • Improved sewage treatment processes for removing phosphate
  • More energy efficient wastewater pumping and treatment
  • Energy recovery technologies for wastewater and sludge
  • More efficient and more reliable screening processes for networks & sewage treatment processes

Preventing flooding and pollution

With more extreme weather due to climate change, plus the growing pressures from urbanisation and development, we are now managing problems such as overloaded sewers in a more sustainable way.

We are looking for:

  • Real time weather and sewer models which can help us predict flooding and pollution
  • More cost effective smart network monitoring
  • ‘RainScape’ (sustainable urban drainage) delivery solutions

Reducing blockages

When our sewers block, it can impact on the environment and cause inconvenience to our customers. We currently invest over £7 million a year to prevent and clear blockages but we are looking for innovative ways to reduce costs and continue to reduce blockages.

We are looking for:

  • Blockage predictor software and systems
  • Blockage reduction solutions
  • No-dig solutions, so that we can minimise impact on our customers when we work on our sewerage systems
  • New materials (i.e. self-healing materials)

Our Customers’ Needs

In order to support development and economic growth in our growing towns and cities, we must ensure we continue to expand our treatment systems and engage with our customers, where we need to.

We are looking for:

  • Low cost ‘bolt on’ effluent treatment processes to allow growth
  • Low cost sludge thickening equipment for small works
  • Sludge land bank protection
  • Research to support a more sustainable environment
  • Low tech/low chemical/low power treatment processes

If you think you can offer a solution to any of these challenges and help us create greener, cleaner communities, please submit an idea here.