Dwr Cymru Welsh Water

Work is being undertaken on the project by Welsh Water and our partners at the University of Bradford.

Research Areas

Projected activities are divided into four research areas responding to the needs of the specific city or utility for:

  • Risk assessment and risk management
  • Real-time monitoring and modelling
  • Utilities and alliance testing and demonstration of research outcomes
  • Planning for resilient water supply and sanitation systems

Work Areas

The eight Work Areas of the PREPARED project, which support the above Research Areas, are:

  • Work Area 1: Utilities alliances – test and demonstration
  • Work Area 2: Risk assessment and risk management
  • Work Area 3: Toolbox for real time monitoring and modelling
  • Work Area 4: Integrated real time monitoring and management systems
  • Work Area 5: Planning for resilient water supply and sanitation systems
  • Work Area 6: Enabling change
  • Work Area 7: Dissemination and communication
  • Work Area 8: Coordination and management

The work is focused around two key work areas:

Work Area 6 – Enabling Change

“to deliver tools, the knowledge and learning materials for all stakeholders to be able to acquire the capacity for them to manage their water supply and sanitation systems using an adaptive approach”.

This work will centre on a series of case studies across the Welsh Water area from which the University of Bradford will develop and test a framework and audit tool. These outputs will be based on current best knowledge and practice about the physical and institutional characteristics of an Adaptive Water Sensitive City (AWSC).

The framework (project deliverable 6.1.1) will be used to assess the adaptability of assets and processes to the potential impacts of climate change, with the audit tool helping develop an action plan (project deliverable 6.3.1) for the future. The work will ultimately be rolled out across other utility partners on the PREPARED project (project deliverable 6.3.2).

Work Area 1 – Utilities Alliance, Testing & Demonstration

“PREPARED....demonstration and validation will be enabled and facilitated through stakeholder involvement and active learning”

Welsh Water will work closely with the University of Bradford, through our case studies to steer the development of a framework and audit tool for Wales. Reports will summarise the activities undertaken against each of the Work Area 6 deliverables, listed above. These will be referred to as project deliverables 1.45, 1.46 and 1.47, respectively.

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