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Seconded teacher (3 roles available)

An exciting opportunity has arisen for three 12-month secondments for professional teachers to join our Education Team.

The Education Team helps us deliver exciting and engaging lessons to around 50,000 pupils every year through fun interactive activities. The varied education programme is developed by teachers and linked to the National curriculum.  We are therefore looking for 3 enthusiastic individuals working at our Discovery centres at Cilfynydd nr Pontyridd, Cog Moors nr Dinas Powys and Brenig nr Denbigh.

To apply for the role you will need to be passionate about inspiring young people and keen to make a difference through learning.  To be successful in this role you will need to be currently employed in a school as this secondment is a professional development opportunity where you will remain employed by your LEA, therefore there will be no break of service.


Please send your CV and cover letter and return it to Claire.roberts@dwrcymru.com

Applications must be received by: Friday 20th April 2018

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Please read the teacher profiles below to find out what previous seconded teachers thought about this exciting opportunity 


Meet the teachers


Secondment at Cilfynydd Discover Centre – Rachel Dickers 2017/18

Being part of the Education Team has been an amazing opportunity for me; both professionally and personally. The secondment has allowed me to develop in so many different areas of teaching through adapting my teaching style to accommodate primary and secondary schools alike, through to working with adults, additional learning needs groups and PRU groups- It has been an exciting and inspirational challenge!

The outdoor nature of this role was always very appealing to me. Come wind, rain or shine the visiting schools use the outdoors to learn in an experiential, hands on and fun way. One of the biggest rewards of being an Education Officer is watching how excited and animated the children are about nature!

The visiting schools complete a daily evaluation which is great for giving you immediate feedback. All the positive comments from the evaluations, on social media and from the children themselves, thanking you with great big smiles at the end of the day, will give you a real sense of pride and appreciation for a job well done.

I can’t praise the secondment highly enough and would certainly recommend it to all teachers- I promise, you won’t be disappointed!



Secondment at Cog Moors discovery Centre – Sean Powell 2017/18

Sean PowellUndoubtedly the best decision I have ever made! This job encompasses all of the best bits of teaching whilst giving you the opportunity to develop skills in other areas – areas you would not always have the opportunity to focus on in school. The role of Education Officer has allowed me to reflect on teaching and has also helped me to regain confidence in my abilities as a teacher. Most importantly, it gives you the opportunity to do the best part of teaching day in day out – working with children!

“The best trip ever!” is something you will hear every day and the instant feedback you get from the children and staff is amazing! The range of lessons you will get to deliver means you will never do the same thing 2 days in a row. One day you could be touring the waste water treatment works (it doesn’t smell too bad – honest!) and the next you will be pond dipping and searching for mini beasts (WARNING – SPIDERS). The opportunities are endless!

I have benefitted in so many ways because of this year and have many incredible memories to take away with me. If you are looking for aa fantastic professional development opportunity or for a change of pace, this job is for you! I would 110% recommend this post to any teacher who wants a fun-filled, exciting and memorable year!



Secondment at Cog Moors discovery Centre – Wenna Gregory 2016/17


Wenna Gregory

For me this is ‘living the dream’.  I know the children are excited about what we have to offer because they say so, and nothing can beat the look on children’s faces when you manage to focus the microscope for them and they see a dragonfly nymph up-close for the first time!  These are marvellous moments which I enjoy all the time.  These are the best bits of teaching.

This year has been a year where I have time to ‘catch my breath’, where I can remind myself why I chose teaching as a career and where I have been able to establish a realistic work/life balance.  I have felt part of the team from the first day which has made the year so special.  My step into the unknown on a grey February day last year turned out to be the first step on a wonderful and fulfilling journey which has left me excited for the future – and I fully intend to keep the bright skies with me!



Secondment at Cilfynydd Discover Centre – Sarah Lewis 2016/17

Sarah Lewis

The job of an Education Officer for Welsh Water is a varied one. One day I could be pond dipping with year 2, and the next taking a group of year 11 on a tour of the Waste Treatment Works. I have had the opportunity to work with Foundation Phase, KS2, KS3 and KS4 children, special needs groups, children from PRU’s, community groups such as scouts and adult groups. This has given me confidence in my abilities and will open up employment opportunities for me in the future.

After a day of engaging activities, you receive instant feedback as children get onto the bus. “This trip was better than Christmas!” You also receive comments from staff, “The use of practical demonstrations was brilliant and brought the learning of abstract ideas to life.” “Sarah was enthusiastic, engaging, knowledgeable, clear and concise throughout. This is a massive thumbs up for you and the appreciation raises self-esteem.

I have so many fond memories of this year so far. I have grown in so many ways since September both personally and professionally. I have had the time to reflect on my career to date and I am now ready to take on new challenges head on. However; this job should come with a warning – you’ll love it so much; you won’t ever want to leave!



Secondment at Cog Moors Discovery Centre – Rachel Mottram 2015/16


Rachel Mottram

The teacher secondment offered by Dŵr Cymru is a fantastic opportunity to teach in a practical way in an outdoor environment. The level of engagement and the sense of awe and wonder pupils (and adults) experience is extremely rewarding.

It also provides the opportunity to teach children across the key stages, from many different types of schools and to liaise with other teachers, both at the centres and in school based workshops and assemblies.  Furthermore, it enables you to develop your knowledge and understanding of ESDGC and science within industry.

As a primary teacher it offers a unique experience to teach Key Stage 3, Key Stage 4, Post 16 students and University Graduates. It is a year filled with excitement, energy and a lot of laughter. I’d definitely recommend and only wish I could do it all again!



Secondment at Cilfynydd Discovery Centre – Sion Griffiths 2015/16


Sion Griffith

The decision to apply for a secondment with Welsh Water is one of the best career decisions I’ve made, and it led to a thoroughly rewarding and enjoyable year. I worked within a great team, was provided with many new and exciting opportunities, and delivered on a range issues that I’m passionate about.

I benefited greatly from the opportunity to teach thousands of pupils and young people from all ages and backgrounds – it developed my teaching strategies and allowed me to better engage pupils in their learning. My own Science and Geography knowledge also improved; and on returning to school, I could deliver more interesting and stimulating lessons.

The secondment also built my confidence in a range of other business areas and the communications, administrative and leadership experience gained outside the normal teaching hours is certainly something that will be of great value to me in the future.

I would highly recommend this opportunity to all teachers!



Secondment at Cilfynydd Discovery Centre - Huw Phillips 2014/15


Huw Phillips

As a primary school teacher who had visited the site with classes of my own, I had always been impressed by the education provision at Welsh Water. So when the opportunity arose to apply for the teacher secondment I was excited by the opportunity. 

The role proved to be even more interesting and rewarding than I had hoped. During the year I had the chance to work with learners from foundation phase right through to university. 

The experience was varied, with many opportunities to develop my teaching and management skills, both on site and at other events. It is a great learning experience too and a real chance to gain new knowledge and develop yourself personally. 

I really couldn't recommend the secondment highly enough and I would encourage anyone to step out of their comfort zone, be part of a fantastic team at DCWW, and grasp the opportunity with both hands. 



Secondment at Llyn Brenig Education Centre - Sion Pritchard 2015/16


Sion Pritchard

Every day had a fresh challenge and a new chance to make a difference. The range of different tasks and assignments was staggering. 

One day I could be visiting schools talking about the importance of saving water, the next I might be taking undergraduate students around a water treatment plant, the day after perhaps I'm checking that the pond dipping area is ready for another excited group of children on a school visit...

I developed hugely as a person during my year with DCWW, and I'm a much better teacher because of my experiences. I feel ready to take on more responsibility and found that I am much more capable and confident than I realised.

I would recommend taking this opportunity to any teacher as it will open new horizons and teach you a wealth of new skills whilst you travel around some of The most beautiful places Wales has to offer.