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Education Secondary Welsh Baccalaureate

As one of Wales’ largest companies, we play a key role in providing an essential public service to today’s customers.

However, we are also mindful of the responsibility we have towards future generations and this is why we have developed resources and challenges to support the new Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.

The impact of the Welsh Baccalaureate is mutually beneficial to the young people in our communities as well as to us as a business. The partnership between the business and education actively equips young people with the confidence, transferable skills and knowledge required to build a robust talent pool of innovative individuals.

We've been working with the Education Achievement Service for South East Wales (EAS) to produce a Teaching and Learning Pack to support teachers in the KS4 National/Foundation Global Citizenship Challenge.

As well as having approved challenges by the WJEC,we’re continually working to develop new material intended to enhance learners’ skills and knowledge of Welsh Water.

For the videos mentioned in our Welsh Baccalaureate Training & Learning pack, click here and here to view them on YouTube.

Visit our innovation page to look at how we embrace new ideas and innovative thinking.

For a range of support material to support our challenges, please explore our website.