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About Welsh Water

Although it falls freely from the sky, we put a lot of work and energy into getting every drop of water to our customers.

After it’s used, we take the dirty water away and clean it before returning it to our beautiful rivers and seas.

This is why we have sites and pipes in every community we serve – from the water treatment works high up in the Snowdonia Mountains to the wastewater treatment works dotted along our coast.

Did you know?

We provide this service 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to over 1.4 million homes and businesses by:

  • Looking after 92 reservoirs
  • Managing over 800 wastewater treatment works
  • Analysing more than 600,000 tests a year sampling drinking water
  • Maintaining 27,000km of water pipes
  • Looking after over 30,000km of sewers
  • Dealing with 2,000 blockages a month
  • Helping to reduce flooding or pollution
  • Looking after 40,000 hectares of land

At Welsh Water we are different from other water and energy companies. We don’t have shareholders. This means that we’re able to keep bills down, help more customers who are struggling to pay their bills and also put every penny we make straight back into maintaining and improving our service and protecting our environment, now, and for years to come.

We serve over three million people in most of Wales Herefordshire and parts of Deeside.

Welsh Water is a large employer, we employ over 2,500 people. We also have a graduate and apprentice scheme which runs annually. You can find out more about careers within welsh water by following the links below.

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